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Dear Spartanburg Animal Clinic Clients and Friends,

We’d like to share some personal news with you: Dr. Ray and Dr. Elkins will be relocating this fall to Alabama to be closer to family.

Dr. Elkins’ final day will be September 5, 2020. She has truly loved every minute of creating bonds with SAC clients and their four-legged babies. Getting to know each and every one of you has been a highlight of her career and she will greatly miss all of you. Departing from this close-knit community of animal lovers will make for quite a sad day.

Dr. Ray will be around a little while longer while Dr. Garrison settles into his Chief of Staff responsibilities. Dr. Ray has expressed gratitude for the special relationships he has made with our wonderful owners and their pet families. While he has worked at many hospitals over the past thirty-five years, his closest relationships were made here in Spartanburg at our clinic. He will miss all of you very much. November 20, Dr. Ray’s official departure date will be a sad one for him indeed.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition recently put out a voluntary recall on their canned food products due to potentially elevated levels of vitamin D. Although animals benefit from vitamin D, ingesting too much of it can lead to potential health issues. Luckily, in most cases, complete recovery is expected after discontinuation of the canned food.

Hill’s is working in coordination with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to get the affected products recalled. As of right now, the recall only extends to canned food and does not apply to dry food, cat food, or other treats.

digital pet x-raysSpartanburg Animal Clinic now offers digital x-rays for pets!

Digital radiography does not use conventional film. This allows for the highest quality images, while using the lowest possible exposure of x-rays to your pet. This method is not only safer, but also more advanced as these digital images can be computer-enhanced to increase detail. We will also be able to store, print and email these digital files to share.

We are excited for this new addition and how it will improve our services for our clients!